PetClean™ Nadiifinta Ilkaha Buufiska Eeyaha & Bisadaha

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PetClean™ Nadiifinta Ilkaha Buufiska Eeyaha & Bisadaha
PetClean™ Nadiifinta Ilkaha Buufiska Eeyaha & Bisadaha

Here is some feedback from pet owners.

PetClean™ Nadiifinta Ilkaha Buufiska Eeyaha & Bisadaha
“I have tried a million different ways to brush my dogs teeth, especially since the vet cleaning is super expensive, and she refuses to let me do it no matter what I’ve tried. She clenches her jaw so tight. Accumulated tartar over the years looks very disgusting. And he has a serious bad breath. Since I used PetClean™ Teeth Cleaning Spray, he wouldn’t refuse at all because he likes the taste. After a few days of use, the tartar is completely removed, the teeth look much cleaner. And the breath is fresh. Really recommend this product”

 “I started to notice some discomfort in my dog mouth His gums are red, appearing to have inflammation. And there is buildup of tartar on his teeth. I suspect it’s the buildup of tartar causing gum inflammation.My friend recommended this spray to me. After a few use, it really remove tartar buildup and address the inflammation in his gums.After the treatment was complete.His mouth was no longer painful and his breath was fresher.Good dental health is so important for pets and I’m happy that my dog was able to get the help he needed to maintain it”

PetClean™ Nadiifinta Ilkaha Buufiska Eeyaha & Bisadaha

 Dental cleanings are important for removing plaque, a film of bacteria that forms on teeth and eventually hardens into tartar.High sugar and carbohydrate diets can lead to increased plaque buildup, as well as diets that are high in processed foods.Tartar buildup in pets can lead to several serious health problems, including: Gum disease,Tooth decay,Bad breath,Systemic infections and experience pain.

That’s why we created PetClean™. Key solutions for oral problems

PetClean™ Nadiifinta Ilkaha Buufiska Eeyaha & Bisadaha

ensaymesThe role of enzymes in cleaning teeth is to help break down the dirt and food remnants on the surface of the teeth. They can help improve breath, reduce the risk of bacterial erosion and cavities in the teeth, and contribute to maintaining good dental health.

Galla japonica: waxay joojin kartaa bakteeriyada anaerobic ee haraaga ah ee ku jirta marinka xididka, waxay si weyn u xakameysaa dheef-shiid kiimikaadka enterococcus iyo awooddeeda adhesion, waxay joojisaa dhaqdhaqaaqa hore ee Candida albicans biofilm, waxayna sidoo kale xannibi kartaa tuubbooyinka dentity waxayna yareyn kartaa suurtagalnimada infekshanka ku soo duulay kanaalka xididka. Waxay si fiican u daweyn kartaa suuska waxayna caawin kartaa in ilkuhu soo kabtaan.

triphala: Iyada oo leh bakteeriyada, anti-bararka, iyo sifooyinka xoqidda xagjirka ah ee xorta ah, waxay dili kartaa streptococcus mutans waxayna joojin kartaa samaynta streptococcus mutans biofilm, si ay si wax ku ool ah uga saarto huurada iliga waxayna si wax ku ool ah uga ilaalin kartaa unugyada cirridka waxyeelada xagjirrada xorta ah.

Chamomile Jarmal: waxay si heer sare ah ugu shaqeysaa maqaarka xasaasiga ah sababtoo ah waxay dejin kartaa xididada jaban ee ka hortagga bararka iyo xasaasiyadda. Markaa aad bay u fiican tahay yaraynta cirridka dhiig baxa iyo dareenka iliga.

Propolis: waxay ka caawisaa ilkuhu inay iska caabiyaan oksaydhaynta, iska caabiyaan nabaad guurka bakteeriyada iyo fangaska, iyo flavonoids-ka bioactive ee ay ku jirto waxay kicisaa samaynta dentin dib u habeyn ah oo ay yarayso caabuqa saxarka. Waxay si wax ku ool ah u kicin kartaa dib u soo kabashada iliga.

Maskaxda: waxay ka caawisaa in ay xanuunka ka nafiso, ka hortagto bakteeriyadu, waxay joojisaa bararka, nasinta murqaha, waxaanay si fiican u yaraynaysaa xanuunka iliga iyo dareenka iliga.

PetClean™ Spray  is the latest product certified by VOHC. It can perfectly solve all pet oral problems, including dental calculus, bad breath, oral ulcers, dental caries, bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity, gingivitis, loose teeth, periodontitis, swollen gums, tooth damage, tooth loss, etc. No side effects. Made from 100% natural herbs. Suitable for pet, including dog and cat. Actually shaqeeyaa ka fiican lafaha neefsiga eeyga, daawaynta freshener, reexaanta neefta cusub ee eeyaha, ruuga ilkaha, dhaqidda afka eey, ama nadiifinta ilkaha kale ee eyga iyo alaabta daryeelka ilkaha

 These are the results from some pet owners

PetClean™ Nadiifinta Ilkaha Buufiska Eeyaha & Bisadaha

“Tartar removal for my dog was a thorough and important experience. I decided to try this spray after noticing a buildup of tartar on my dog’s teeth. The product was easy to use, simply requiring me to spray it on my dog’s teeth once a day.After a few weeks of using the product, I noticed a significant reduction in tartar buildup on my dog’s teeth. My dog also seemed to enjoy the taste of the product, which was a bonus.I was pleased with the results of using this tartar removal product and would definitely recommend it to other dog owners looking for a convenient and effective solution for maintaining their dog’s dental health. “

 “After using a product to remove tartar from my cat’s teeth, I noticed a significant improvement in his oral health. The product was easy to use, and I simply spray a few pumps to my cat’s teeth every day.I was impressed with the effectiveness of the product, and my cat didn’t seem to mind the taste at all. He happily drank his water each day, and I was happy to see that he was getting the dental care he needed without having to undergo any invasive procedures”

PetClean™ Nadiifinta Ilkaha Buufiska Eeyaha & Bisadaha

Tilmaamaha loo adeegsado

1. Lift lips on either side of your pet’s mouth.
2. Spray 2-3 pumps daily directly onto teeth and gums affected by tarter and plaque on each side.
3. Do not let your pet eat or drink for one hour after use.
Enjoy using HICC PET™ gentle oral cleansing mist spray. Safe for use around the nose, ears, and eyes. For best results, use in conjunction with HICC PET™ Dental Wipes for proper cleansing and soothing during healing stages.

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